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4 Reasons Why Freelance Translators Should Have a Website

43% of EN>FR In-Country Business Translators Have a Website.

Here we are. My website is finally up and running. This simple fact already gives me an edge over the majority of my competitors. I did my homework: based on 158 English to French in-country business translators, only 43% of them have a website.

But being out there is only half the battle. Now it’s up to me to create relevant content around the needs of my customers on a regular basis and let the world know about my services.


A website seems to be yet another marketing channel.

Looking at the big picture, it seems that a website is just a marketing channel you can use to reach customers and promote your business among a variety of options, including:

 - advertising,

 - PR,

 - brochures,

 - seminars,

 - conferences,

 - word of mouth,

 - recommendations from satisfied clients.


Why bother with the development of a website? 

However, a website is by far one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics with a great range of benefits. Here are 4 reasons why freelance translators should have a website:

1. It is a particularly convenient vehicle for a freelance translator, once you recognize the disruptive impact of 25 years of internet on an extremely fragmented translation industry, and the very nature of this field: an international market driven by globalization.

2. It is a scalable means of communication with a worldwide reach.

3. Together with a blog, social networks and professional marketplaces, it allows you not only to raise brand awareness, like any other traditional method would, but also to increase trust, loyalty, recognition and credibility by showcasing your expertise and interacting in real time with the world.

4. It is an invaluable source of priceless data through the use of the proper analytical tools and the measurement of the right metrics, which will improve your knowledge and understanding of your market.


A website should be the nerve centre of your online presence.

A website is much more than one of the best low-budget and high-impact marketing channels, especially considering the increasing importance of the digital customer experience. As a freelance translator, it should be the nerve centre of your online presence, helping you stand out from the crowd and showing that you are 100% committed to your full-time job.


Turn your website into a WMD (Weapon of Massive Development)

In order to maximise the ROI (both in time and money) of your website, you need to create a three-step action plan.

1. Define:

 - your goal (e.g. increase sales revenue),

 - your objectives (e.g. increase brand awareness, boost traffic, expand client base),

 - your strategy (e.g. engage target audience, drive traffic from new visitors).

2. Implement the right tactics. For instance, you could:

 - create relevant content,

 - share it on social networks,

 - add your website URL to your Twitter bio.

3. Measure the impact of your actions and adjust accordingly.

If you follow this simple roadmap, you could turn your website into a powerful WMD in your marketing arsenal and significantly improve the bottom line of your business.


Now, I’d love to hear from you!

Do you agree or disagree with me that freelance translators should have a website?

43% of my competitors have a website: how about your own competition?

How important is a website in your marketing mix?

Let me know in the comments below!


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