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2014 Word Cup | A Story of Languages

2014 Word Cup - A Story of Languages

Even though it is called “soccer” in some regions of the world, football is a universal language. But what are the linguistic characteristics of the sport at a professional level?

This infographic tells the story of the 2014 FIFA World Cup from the perspective of a “3D” translator interested in languages, business and sports.

It gives a direct access to key facts and figures for each qualified team, making it easier to identify linguistic patterns and quickly compare a side with other group competitors in terms of languages, market value and on-pitch performance.

New Opportunities for U.S. Exporters to France

U.S. Exports to France are Dominated by Knowledge-Intensive Products

This article is the inaugural episode of “French Connection”, a brand new series which will explore English to French flows in terms of trade, finance and people, in an increasingly interconnected and digitalized world. As we are just a couple of days away from the 70th anniversary of D-Day, it seems appropriate to focus on the American trade in goods with France, and the benefits of new international regulations for U.S. exporters.

A Special Crossword Contest for the Translation Industry

CircumflexO: a special crossword contest for the translation industry

How about entering a crossword contest?

Email your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with your name, company name and position (if relevant) before 30 June 2014 to enter a lucky draw.

4 Reasons Why Freelance Translators Should Have a Website

43% of EN>FR In-Country Business Translators Have a Website.

Here we are. My website is finally up and running. This simple fact already gives me an edge over the majority of my competitors. I did my homework: based on 158 English to French in-country business translators, only 43% of them have a website.

But being out there is only half the battle. Now it’s up to me to create relevant content around the needs of my customers on a regular basis and let the world know about my services.

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