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French Connection s01e03 | Billionaire Exporters

10 US states are billionaire exporters to France

Following two previous posts about US trade in goods then services, this article deals with the state-by-state breakdown of US exports to France. It is the third instalment of “French Connection”, a series exploring English to French flows in terms of trade, finance and people.


Top 10 States

The top 10 states accounted for two thirds of US exports to France with nearly $20bn in 2013. Each of them generated $1bn+.

Texas led the way, with $3.7bn, of which nearly 60% from petroleum and coal products (PCP). Together with Louisiana (4th with $2.3bn, of which about 90% of PCP), these two neighbouring states accounted for more than 90% of PCP US exports to France.

California ranked 2nd, with $2.6bn and a more diverse portfolio, of which less than a quarter from computer and electronic products (CEP), the top merchandise (M1).

Connecticut completed the podium, with $2.4bn almost exclusively (93%) from transportation equipment (TE), which was the M1 for 3 other states: Ohio (5th with $2bn), Kentucky and North Carolina (respectively 9th and 10th with $1bn each).

The top 10 also included Indiana (7th with $1.4bn), driven by chemicals (60%). Finally, both New-York (6th with $1.7bn) and Illinois (8th with $1.3bn) had a low-contributing M1, respectively with manufactured commodities (31%) and machinery (25%).


Bottom 5 States

5 states generated less than $10m:

1. Hawaii ($2.7m)

2. DC ($2.8m)

3. Wyoming ($3.1m)

4. South Dakota ($6.6m)

5. Montana ($7.2m) 


Top 8 Specialists 

With an M1 share over 80%, the following 8 states were the most specialised:

1. Alaska, with 98% from fish

2. Connecticut (93%, TE)

3. Louisiana (89%, PCP)

4. Idaho (88%, CEP)

5. Arkansas (88%, TE)

6. Wyoming (83%, chemicals)

7. West Virginia (83%, minerals & ores)

8. Kentucky (82%, TE) 


Top 7 Generalists

At the other end of the spectrum, 7 states had an M1 representing less than a quarter of their total exports:

1. Virginia (20%, chemicals)

2. Hawaii (23%, apparel manufacturing)

3. Pennsylvania (23%, chemicals)

4. California (24%, CEP)

5. Georgia (24%, machinery)

6. Montana (24%, CEP)

7. New Jersey (24%, chemicals)


Top 4 Contributors to Specific Goods

4 states can be noticed as major contributors to the total US exports of specific goods to France:

1. West Virginia (73%, minerals & ores)

2. Tennessee (63%, beverages & tobacco)

3. Texas (48%, PCP)

4. Louisiana (44%, PCP)



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